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[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper.

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[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Empty [ Vedette ] Stan Cooper.

Message  Rex Lee Jeu 9 Sep - 6:37

De son vrai nom , Stelvio Rosi...
Né en Italie en 1938.

[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Planqu11

Planque-toi minable , Trinita arrive . ( Capture de Stéphane .)
Des dollars pour MacGregor.
Sei jellato amico , hai incontrato Sacramento.
( inédit )
Cinq pour l'or de Los Quadros

[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Vlcs2586
Des dollars pour MacGregor

[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Pdvd_414
Cinq pour l'or de Los Quadros

Hors western:

[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Vlcsn497
Il giorno piu corto (1963)

[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Vlcs1368
Panzer division (1969)

[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Vlcsna48
La Patrouille des 7 damnés (1969)
Rex Lee
Rex Lee
Sergio Leone

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[ Vedette ] Stan Cooper. Empty RIP Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi) (August 1, 1938 - December 19, 2018

Message  Tom Betts Dim 30 Déc - 1:24

Italian film actor and video producer Stelvio Rosi died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on December 19, 2018. He was 80. Born in Rome, Italy on August 1, 1938, Rosi made his film debut as a child actor in 1942, in Ferdinando Maria Poggioli's “Yes, Madam”. He reprised his acting career in the early 1960s and was initially used almost exclusively in teen comedies and musicals. In 1968 he changed his image and his name and to Stan Cooper and was cast in the leading roles in a number of genre films, often adventure, war films and Spaghetti westerns. He worked several times with director José Luis Merino. In 1973 he retired from his acting career and moved to South America, where among other things he worked as a film and video producer in Rio de Janeiro. Rosi appeared in five Euro-westerns: “Paths of War” - 1969 (Lieutenant Martin/Morgan); “Another Dollar for the McGregors” – 1970 (Ross Steward) [as Stan Cooper]; “The Great Treasure Hunt” – 1972 (Sam Madison) [as Stan Cooper]; :Stay Away from Trinity When He Comes to Eldorado” – 1972 (Carter) [as Stan Cooper]; “You're Jinxed, Friend You've Met Sacramento” - 1972 (Hike) [as Stan Cooper]

Tom Betts
Enzo G. Castellari

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