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Planet spaghetti western

Message  Fredge le Mar 20 Avr - 6:51

Voici l'info reçue (en anglais). A propos, ne faudrait-il pas créer un répertoire "web" dans la section western européen?


Most of you might have heard of it by now, and sorry for bringing this into the forums at such a late point...

I have had an idea in my head for quite some time about bringing together on the web what's being written and said about spaghetti westerns, considering
- bringing together people/fans from different parts of the world and different languages
- connecting websites, forums, blogs and social networks
- letting people discover new places they haven't heard before
- driving more people to the SWDB
- generating more viewership for all sorts of websites
- breathing some life into what's been our stagnant link-exchange program.

The result of my erstwhile experiments is:

PLANET SPAGHETTI WESTERN (tagline: "The Spaghetti Western blogosphere at your fingertips")

What is it?
It is a website that aggregates syndicated blogs and their spaghetti western related content through RSS feeds

Why is it good?
You can subscribe to just the Planet, and get all those cool blog entries from already more than 8 different globs via one single RSS subscription, plus our semi-regular digest of cool links on the web.

What's the point?
We do the work for you. We scour the web, vet and include read-worthy blogs and put them into one resource, for easy access for you. Blog authors who want their blog syndicated can contact us and we take a hard look. The cool thing is, now people read all sorts of blogs at the same time, read blogs they'd otherwise not have noticed, and thus everyone is happy. More readers for unknown blogs, more content for blog readers like you.

Do we copy their content?
No. Our aggregator catches the entries from syndicated blogs, strips them of all HTML code and only displays the first 100 words, so it is a teaser only. Clicking on the link will get you directly to the original blog post at the author's website.

What's the relationship between the SWDB and "The Planet"?
The Planet is a side project / experiment by the SWDB. We plan not to render our SWDB main page updates blog useless, but merely complement it. We will publish semi-regular "Digests" on the Planet that may also include links to cool content on the SWDB, and we may announce special features that we have running on the SWDB on the Planet, to promote them to a wider audience.

Does the Planet have it's own Facebook page?
No. It does have it's own Twitter feed, so that's an alternative to the RSS feeed (@PlanetSW)

I found a blog that you don't have syndicated, should I tell you about it?
Yes! Please! Also tell the blog author that we exist!

Can I write directly for the Planet (on the planet, not syndicated)?
If you convince us, for sure. But feel free to start blogging away somewhere else, and if we like your content, we can syndicate you, and you can also write other things on your blog, because RSS allows us to only syndicate content that you have categorized or tagged as spaghetti western for example.

You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The Spaghetti Western Database Forum Team.
Michele Lupo

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Re: Planet spaghetti western

Message  Personne le Mar 20 Avr - 15:03

Ok! Wink

Sergio Leone

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