[ Actrice ] Margharita Horowitz.

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[ Actrice ] Margharita Horowitz.

Message  Rex Lee le Mer 13 Oct - 6:20

3 coups de winchester pour Ringo ( ci-dessus, capture d' El Puro )
Les 7 écossais du Texas
Les 7 écossais explosent
Aujourd'hui ma peau , demain la tienne
El Magnifico
On m'appelle Malabar

Les 7 écossais du Texas

3 coups de winchester pour Ringo

Aujourd'hui ma peau, demain la tienne

On m'appelle Malabar

Hors western:

7 châles de soie jaune (1972)

Dérapage contrôlé (1973)


Dis-donc, toi, tu sais que tu as la tête de quelqu’un qui vaut 2000 dollars?
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Margherita Horowitz biography

Message  Tom Betts le Mar 6 Fév - 20:15

Margherita Horowitz was born in Oświęcim, Poland on August 9, 1919. Her birth name was Margarete Horowitz and she was born to a Jewish mother. She started her career as an actress very early, and was only 14 years old when she was discovered and started to play small theater roles in Vienna, Austria.

The growing anti-Semitism in Europe in the late 1930s put an end to Margarethe's career, and she couldn't get any more work because she was half-Jewish. Desperate for work, the now 18-year-old Margarethe heard about opportunities for young singers and dancers in Italy, and decided to go to an audition. The tall, blonde and attractive Margarethe was very impressive at her audition and was given a six-month contract to work on stage at the Teatro Valle in Rome.

In Rome, she met Renato Trentini, a handsome Italian fascist officer, and the two fell in love with each other. Margarethe and Renato were quickly married, and Margarethe now changed her name to Margherita Trentini and converted to Roman Catholicism. But the happiness was short-lived as soon World War II broke out. Renato started to work as a liaison with the German army. Because of the
German occupation of Italy, there was a desperate need for translators and a German major offered Margherita a translator job. Terrified that the Nazis would discover that she was half-Jewish, Margherita was too afraid to say no, and she worked with organizing theater performances for the Nazis and translating documents and conversations.

Fortunately, the Germans never discovered the truth about Margherita's Jewish heritage and when the war ended in 1945 she finally felt safe. She divorced Renato, took back her maiden name Horowitz and started to act in the theater again. She also worked as a model, and also started to appear in small movie roles. Her earliest movie credit on the IMDb is from 1960 but we must assume that she also played at least several uncredited roles in the 1950s. Indeed, many of her roles were small and uncredited but in the 1960s she started to receive more substantial supporting roles, and was a prolific character actress up until the 1980s. In 1989, Margherita retired from acting and afterwards lived quietly outside the limelight but in 2003 she was interviewed by the Associated Press about her experiences during the war. It was, thanks to this interview, that much background information was able to be gathered about this actress.

Margarethe Horowitz passed away in Vienna, Austria on December 19, 2011.

[Thanks to ‘The Thrilling Forum’ and actor Robert Woods for information in putting this biography together]

Tom Betts
Léon Klimosky

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